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Daphne Hutcheson

Daphne is a digital artist, specializing in concept art and illustration. This is where she posts her nerd things and sketches.

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I’m really only posting this for the last three drawings. Several boards are cut since I can only post 10 at a time and there’s more than that but it should still read pretty well. 


Gamma is the best when you’re having a bad day

Gamma is the best always. I would love Gamma snuggles. 

The Boy Who Changed It All. 

A collaborative story from bravebirdart and me. It will continue forever with no end. 

bravebirdfolly asked: Marie #4 !

So, this is what I do on breaks. 

Black and White Commission for skidar

Color Commission for the happy couple smitsbliss. c:

Sketch Commission for kwrigh who is a fantastic person! Go check out her blog. 

Sketch Commission for luffik and zlukaka. I was having some Deady and Kreaper memories while making this since you know… fruit related memories… 

Flat Limited Palette Commissions for luffik and zlukaka. You guys are a treasure.