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Daphne Hutcheson

Daphne is a digital artist, specializing in concept art and illustration. This is where she posts her nerd things and sketches.

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Clement isn’t prone to emotion. When you get him to laugh though, to really laugh, he has this really sweet, earnest laugh. Then he gets embarrassed about laughing before turning his bedroom eyes on you. 

The Last of Us is a masterpiece of storytelling. 

Tomorrow is my last day at work and I’m still stressing massively about it. 

Another sketch commission for the illustrious duo, zlukaka and luffik. You’re are both my heroes. 

I’m really only posting this for the last three drawings. Several boards are cut since I can only post 10 at a time and there’s more than that but it should still read pretty well. 


Gamma is the best when you’re having a bad day

Gamma is the best always. I would love Gamma snuggles. 

The Boy Who Changed It All. 

A collaborative story from bravebirdart and me. It will continue forever with no end. 

bravebirdfolly asked: Marie #4 !

So, this is what I do on breaks.